2012 Fall Ball Photos


  • 2012 6th Annual Fall Ball Pictures and Photo Packages
    Two Options - Unedited Photos and/or Edited Photo Packages

    The pictures are sold as single pictures without editing at two price levels, $5.00 (Red Carpet and Limousine) and $3.00 (Candids of People) each, (for your use at your leisure - emailed after payment), or as photo packages with custom editing available as well (see examples). For those that purchase packages, many additional sheet options will be offered as well as posters.


    Print the Unedited Photo Selection Sheet (click here), then write down the selection numbers of the pictures you want. After you complete the form, click on the appropriate PayPal button below for Unedited Photos, and enter the picture selection numbers when prompted. Your pictures will be emailed to you within 24 hours of payment.
    Unedited Photo Payment Page - CLICK HERE


    To assist you, we recommend you print the options and instructions of the photo package, then print the photo selection sheet form of the package you wish to purchase.
    WE HIGHLY SUGGEST you use these forms to assist you in your selections, and use a pencil so you can make changes. There are many pictures in different folders (Red Carpet, Limousine, People Candid, and Venue Candid), and some folders have over 200 pictures!

    Packages will be available for pickup at CFL or you may have them shipped (select which option upon payment). After you make your package purchase, you will be given the option to purchase additional single sheets of photos in a variety of options.
    Portrait Package Options Form
    Portait Packages Picture Selection Sheet
    $65.00 - Ceefull Mega Package Picture Selection Sheet
    $55.00 - Pride Package-A Picture Selection Sheet
    $45.00 - Lion Package-B Picture Selection Sheet
    $35.00 - Cub Package-C Picture Selection Sheet

    Now go here to place your order:
    Portraits Packages Payment Page - CLICK HERE

    Three (Red Carpet, Limousine, and Candids-People) folders of pictures are now live on the web for your perusal.

    Here are the links to the three completed folders.
    Red Carpet Shots
    Limousine Shots
    Candid-People Shots

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